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Be a part of the Wirehive 100


The Wirehive 100 Awards & League Table are being really well received in the South of England. So why not get behind these exciting industry awards from the start and highlight your company's name as a sponsor. There's no better way to increase your profile within the digital scene in the South, than by supporting the event dedicated to showcasing the best it has to offer.

We offer a number of sponsorship packages, with lots of different benefits ranging from; promotion in-pre event publicity, social mentions, promotion on the website, and, if you’re a category sponsor a host of other opportunities on the night itself.

To discuss how you can be involved in next year’s awards, please contact our awards team at:



Lab blend a mixture of psychology, behavioural economics and neuromarketing to predict, measure and influence non-conscious, emotional reactions. They are sponsoring the award for "Most Emotionally Engaging Content".