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Wirehive 100 Winners Spotlight: Broadplace Advertising


Wirehive 100 Winners Spotlight: Broadplace Advertising

Background on Broadplace

Broadplace Advertising are an ambitious digital marketing agency based in Leatherhead, Surrey. Specialists in PPC, SEO and Biddable Media, their goal is to be the best full service digital marketing agency in the marketplace.

They use their ROI driven approach to provide a range of digital marketing services from content, campaigns, to analytics and consultancy.

As their Managing Director Ajay Syal puts it “We work with aspirational, high growth businesses to help them realize and achieve their business goals through our expertise and our technology.”

Broadplace are a Google Premier Partner, Facebook Marketing Partner and Microsoft Advertising Elite Channel Partner and are well versed at utilising all aspects of paid and owned digital media to deliver performance marketing campaigns for their wide range of clients.

Broadplace’s Head of Performance, Andy Fidler explains “We specialise in Google Ads, Facebook, Microsoft Advertising as well as working on proprietary platforms such as Amazon and LinkedIn.”

Broadplace’s Awards Journey

Broadplace are no stranger to awards, having gained recognition from both national digital marketing awards bodies such as The Drum and e-consultancy and in regional business awards. But why are awards such a key part of life at Broadplace?

According to Ajay “We think awards are a great way of getting the visibility and recognition that helps demonstrate the hard work that we put into our campaigns in delivering results for our clients.”

It’s hard to argue with that assessment.

Broadplace first entered the Wirehive 100 awards in 2017 where they made it straight into the top 30 of the Wirehive 100 League Table.  From 2018 they became the ones to beat in both the Performance Marketing and Rising Star categories doing the double for two years on the bounce. In addition, they also took home the coveted Fastest Growth Award in 2019 to make it a hat trick of wins at last year’s Wirehive 100 awards.

We spoke to their award-winning team about their 2019 Wirehive 100 Awards experience.

Wirehive 100 Award 2019 for Best Performance marketing Campaign

Broadplace took home the 2019 trophy for Best Performance Marketing Campaign for their work with their client, Discount Landlord, who offer high quality landlord insurance at competitive prices.

It was a great turnaround story of a poorly performing Google AdWords account that was spending too much and yielding too little. After working with the Broadplace team from 2018 the transformation was huge. 

As our judges remarked “Broadplace showed impressive results in both leads and ROI management through smart execution and measured expansion strategies. They increased conversions 723% via their landing site! Great approach and results in a competitive space.”

However, it wasn’t the great stats that made the win so meaningful to the Broadplace team. As Andy, who oversaw the campaign, told us: “they'd [Discount Landlord] essentially lost faith and trust in the medium that was Google Ads and PPC. Having had previous poor experience with another agency, we've been able to grow their business considerably as a result of a lot of the hard work we've been putting in. The recognition of that hard work was so fantastic and well deserved for the team.”

Wirehive 100 Award 2019 for Fastest Growth

The second Wirehive 100 award to grace Broadplace’s trophy cabinet in 2019 was for Fastest Growth which is awarded to the agency which has the highest three year compound annual growth rate for digital services.

Often won by agencies as the start of their journey, for an established business to take home the prize normally means a concerted period of agency expansion or transformation.

In the case of Broadplace it was the fact that they had been heavily investing in both their people and their technology. Broadplace also changed the organisation of the business to be much more agile, enabling them to work quicker, smarter – the agency uses a ‘start up mentality’. The agency’s partnerships with Google, Facebook and Microsoft have been invaluable.

Ajay Syal adds, “we have had amazing support from them, learning from the best in our industry is a privilege”.

Many businesses are very busy, working hard, but can become very insular. Getting support from their advertising partners, allowed Broadplace to look outside of their own four walls and access learnings from them, as well as others in their industry.

Broadplace feel that their advertising partners have taught them, not just about digital marketing, but the basics of nurturing a successful business. Broadplace’s advertising partners have helped them to improve staff welfare and development, internal processes, and implement many different technologies.

So, what does winning this award mean to the leadership team at Broadplace? As Ajay summed up,

“Achieving this recognition has been amazing - we specialise in helping high growth and aspirational businesses realise and achieve their own growth potential. It’s great to be able to demonstrate that we practice what we preach! Our core fundamental mission in life is to help companies grow - we realise it is a symbiotic relationship and this has demonstrated what we believe, our growth lies in the growth of our customers. We have delivered amazing results for partners and we have seen that has helped fuel our own growth so we would really like to thank all of our partners for placing their trust in us.”

Wirehive 100 Award 2019 for Rising Star

And finally…

The third award of the night went to Emily Smith, one of the Digital Marketing Account Managers at Broadplace who beat stiff competition to be named 2019’s Rising Star of the industry.

Having started out at Broadplace in 2017 as a Digital Marketing Apprentice, Emily has not only taken every opportunity to soak up qualifications and knowledge but share it with clients and colleagues alike. Since starting at Broadplace she has gained qualifications from Google (Ads, Search and Shopping), Microsoft (Bing Ads) and HubSpot (Content Marketing) however it was her work with haberdashery client Closs & Hamblin that won her the award.

As our 2019 judges summed up “Emily is a force to be reckoned with! Taking on an account who had lost trust in their previous PPC agency and making significant adjustments restoring their faith in PPC. As well as being promoted three times in just two years, this is all a credit to Emily’s sheer determination. Please don’t stop doing what you do."

So, a few months on, what impact has winning the award had on Emily?

She told us that the award has had an impact far beyond her day job. ”It’s made me grow more as a person, made me become more confident. It's made me become more enthusiastic about what I do at work and helped my confidence in the real world.”

Why Wirehive 100?

With so many digital marketing awards out there, what makes Broadplace decide to enter the Wirehive 100 awards each year?

For Andy it’s about the ethos of the awards and how that aligns to Braodplace’s own values of transparency, integrity and expertise. He shared “I think Wirehive have recognised that these awards are for agencies who are driving success from their campaigns and not just the names associated to the campaigns.”

Ajay expanded further on this, explaining “I feel that Wirehive have created something very special. It's something that's very different. It's really genuine. The visibility that we get from it is fantastic.”

And, for Ajay, this visibility isn’t just about helping to win new clients. It’s just as important for retaining and attracting great talent to the agency. He sums up “The recognition is amazing and it's a very motivational thing to be involved with for all of our employees.”

With three awards covering campaign success, business growth, and investment in people Broadplace clearly have a very motivated and talented team. It’s great for the Wirehive 100 awards to be able to play some small part in that story.


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