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Read our latest updates on this year's Wirehive 100

It's nearly here...


It's nearly here...

It’s nearly time!

We can’t quite believe it but it’s nearly time for this year’s Wirehive 100 awards!

Wirehive 100 celebrates the best work and people the digital agency industry has to offer. We know how hard you all work and how much you look forward to having a night off with your team and we can’t wait to celebrate with you.

If you’ve got your tickets for this year, you’ll be joining us at a sold-out show! We’ve got a new theme, a new venue and some new categories. This year you’re joining us at the Venetian carnival to experience a night of opulent extravaganza with a hint of mystery and drama.

“If I were not King of France, I would choose to be a citizen of Venice” – Henry III

Housekeeping (sorry but we must include the boring bits)

These are the question everyone asks and needs to know. As usual the dress code is Black Tie, we do always love seeing everyone dressed up on the night. But this year it’s also all about the accessory, it is after all a Masquerade ball so make sure you have your mask with you. You have been warned, there will be a competition (we know you love a competition), more on that later.

Your tickets are being sent out this week, make sure you have them on you to enable you to access the park. Information on parking etc will also be included with these, as will a little extra courtesy of Thorpe Park….

The venue

We know the main reason you are coming is for the Wirehive 100’s (ahem) but we also couldn’t pass up the opportunity to make full use of the venue. Included with your tickets for the awards this week are also passes for use at Thorpe Park on the day of the event. So, as an additional thank you to your team, bring them along a bit earlier and take full advantage of the exciting and thrilling location we’re at this year. But, don’t forget to keep an eye on the time, we have an amazing awards evening lined up for you and we don’t recommend going on Tidal Wave in your Black Tie just before the awards…

Masks, who wore it better?

Who doesn’t love a competition? Every year we like to add a bit more of a competitive element to the evening, fun of course! This year as we are at The Masquerade and we know you’ll all have some amazing masks we are going to run a competition for the best mask. Use #wirehive100 on the night and make use of the venue, we think you’re going to love it!

“At the bridge I stood lately in the brown night.

From afar came a song; as a golden drop it welled over the quivering surface.

Gondolas, lights and music – Drunken it swam out into the twilight.

My soul, a stringed instrument, sang to itself, invisibly touched, a secret gondola song,

Quivering with iridescent happiness.

Did anyone listen to it?”

Friedrich Nietzsche, German Philosopher

 Bring your ticket, wear your mask, and expect the unexpected.