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Dotlabel on the Wirehive 100 Awards


Dotlabel on the Wirehive 100 Awards

Dotlabel is a small independent agency based in Basingstoke.

They have entered the Wirehive 100 awards several times and have won on two separate occassions.

Here Matt Oxley, Director of Dotlabel explains how it has benefited his business and how the awards have brought in more work for him and his team.


Transcript Below

The Wirehive 100 awards are an amazing opportunity for smaller specialist agencies like ourselves, we’re based outside of London.

It gives us a real opportunity to showcase the sort of work we do for our clients.

The Wirehive team do such an amazing job putting on such a fantastic evening and we’ve been fortunate enough to have been to a few of these over the years and each year it just gets better and better.

We were fortunate to win the Consumer site of the year award for the Hendrick’s gin website a few years ago. Directly on the back of that win we were invited to pitch for a new project which we went on to win and that client was Anthony Nolan.

Anthony Nolan are an amazing charity, there are lots of amazing people there. They looked at their online donor registration process and we were brought on board to look at how we could improve that process for them.

We won Best User Experience for Anthony Nolan.

It means so much to an agency like us to be recognized by your peers for the work you have done is such an amazing feeling. It creates a real buzz and excitement around the team, but also from a client’s perspective as well. They trust and believe in what your doing and I think it’s a great opportunity for them to see all the hard work and commitment they’ve put in to see an award won.

The awards are a great opportunity for raising our profile, raising awareness of not only the business we do but the quality fo the work we can do and the skills and services we offer.