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Read our latest updates on this year's Wirehive 100

We're extending the deadline


We're extending the deadline

In order to ensure everyone has as much time as possible to get their entries in to this year's awards we have extended the deadline for entries by one week.

You can now take up to the 29th June to assemble and submit all of the supporting evidence you need to accompany your entry to the 2018 Wirehive 100 Awards.  However you need to bear in mind that there is a late submission fee if you start your entry after the 22nd June.

If you want to lock in the old fee of £120 per entry then you need to get your entry started, and the payment cleared by close of play on the 22nd June.  You will still have an extra week to complete the entry, which you can do at any point by logging in to your account and filling in the required sections of the entry form.

So you have no excuses now, get your entry started, pay the lower fee, and then relax as you collate all the evidence you need!