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Read our latest updates on this year's Wirehive 100

Most emotionally engaging content


Most emotionally engaging content

You'll have noticed this year that we have introduced a few new categories for the Wirehive 100 awards. We wanted to highlight one in particular, Most Emotionally Engaging Content.

This award is sponsored by Lab, the human behavior agency. This award is for an agency whose content can be scientifically proven to evoke a strong emotional response. 

We are fortunate enough to have two experts from Lab on our judging panel who will be able to measure the results for this category. Lab will use biometric testing hardware and software to measure candidate's unconscious emotional response in a non-biased way. Our judges for this category are:  

  • Beatrice Andrew is the Technology Director at Lab. She is leading the growth of neuromarketing principles across editorial and website design services at Lab to boost client performance via marketing channels and improve UX 

  • Daryll Scott is Director of Human Technology at Lab. Darryll is an experienced agency owner, leadership consultant, author, executive coach, neuro linguistic programmer and neuromarketer.  

If you create great content, then you can enter this award HERE.


Photo by Gaelle Marcel on Unsplash