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New Categories - Agency for Good


New Categories - Agency for Good

You’ve probably noticed we have introduced a few new categories for this year’s awards.  Just like always they have judging criteria that you can download and look through in your own time.  But we thought it would be nice to tell you a little bit more about them, and at the same time give you some examples of the kind of entries we are hoping to see.

We’ll start with Agency for Good.

The judging criteria say this:

“This is an award for agencies who do more than just good work but have a genuine passion and ongoing commitment to doing good as part of their operating principles. Whether the agency is being run in a socially responsible way, giving back to the local community or positively contributing to the future of the digital industry judges want to hear about how the agency is going above and beyond to give back and pay it forward. The only criterion here is are you doing good?”

It’s a little vague, but it’s deliberately so.  The whole point is to let you define what “good” is in any way you feel is accurate.

Whether you consider your wider impact on the environment to be something worth addressing and have looked to reduce your carbon footprint, or you are working with underprivileged groups in your local community to help them access opportunities they wouldn’t otherwise be able to it all counts.

High profile examples of companies doing good include things like Marks and Spencer’s involvement in the Frazzled Café movement – providing a safe space for people who need a non-judgemental place to just be.  Microsoft’s global push to exist as a truly carbon neutral business, or Change Please’s dedication to recruiting staff from the homeless, paying them a genuine living wage, and helping them sort the logistics of finding a bank account, a home, and medical care are all wonderful examples of companies doing good. But doing good isn’t just the preserve of global companies with a massive reach. 

So you don’t need to change the world, whatever it is you are doing to make your small corner of it a better place for you being in it we want to know.

We want to celebrate the good work you do, put it front and centre in the industry at large, and help you get the recognition you truly deserve.