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Why is professional insurance important for digital marketing agencies? Oh, and win some gin!


Why is professional insurance important for digital marketing agencies? Oh, and win some gin!

We’re PolicyBee, and we’re Wirehive 100 sponsors. We’re a digital company ourselves…only what we do is online professional insurance (with some digital marketing thrown in, of course.)

The thing is, we’d like your help with our short survey. We want to understand more about what you do and what your worries are – so we can improve what we do for you. Plus, importantly, there’s gin to be won.

Looking for trouble

So…what could possibly go wrong?

Plenty, actually.

In our hyper-connected, multi-channel world, where the technology changes as quickly as the weather and clients seem to be evermore demanding, there’s ample scope for slip-ups.

Simply not getting the results you thought you would from a campaign can land you in trouble. If you’ve over-promised on what you said you’d deliver, and the client thinks your work falls short, they can sue for compensation.

That means lawyers, court appearances, potential damages payments, and a whole lot of time and money spent. That’s where professional indemnity insurance helps by providing legal expertise and picking up the tab for all costs.

There’s other things that can go wrong, too. As digital companies, we’re so heavily reliant on tech that problems with our systems can cause chaos. Equipment failure, website glitches and data loss can quickly grind business to a halt.

To err is…

Then there’s human error. Like the designer who doesn’t check the limits of an image licence. Or the social media manager who mixes up their Twitter accounts and posts an embarrassing comment on a client’s feed. Clang.

These things and more can get you sued. In our blame-and-claim culture, clients and anyone else with a vested interest won’t hesitate to get their solicitor involved if they think they’ve been sold short. And that’s where insurance helps.

Don’t forget cybercrime, either. With modern-day hackers happy to target anyone and everyone, there’s the chance your business could be crippled by a ransomware or other malware attack.

And what if personal data or confidential client information is stolen? Two potential threats there: claims for damages from the people affected and, once the new GDPR laws kick in next May, big fines from the ICO if your security was judged to be lax.

Question time

Lots of ifs and buts, then. And a constantly shifting landscape as technology develops, marketing techniques and strategies evolve, and one set of regulations supersedes another.

Which, again, is why we’d like your help. We want to get a better understanding of exactly what you want from your professional insurance: areas you’d like it to cover, any gaps you want plugged, and even how you’d like to buy your policies.

There’s just 10 simple questions to answer, which you can find here. And don’t forget, what you tell us really is important - because it’ll help us provide the very best kind of cover, delivered in the very best possible way.

And now, the carrot. Everyone who completes the survey has the chance to be entered into a draw to win a good time in a box – the ‘Gin Festival in a Box Party Edition’. That translates as:
4 full-size bottles of specialist gin
28 tasty mixers
4 signature Gin Festival glasses
4 Gin Festival entry tickets (locations around the country)
£20 voucher to spend at the Gin Festival.

So…gin meets box meets party meets festival. What’s not to like? It could all just be a short survey away….